Virtual Mentorship with Mark Visentin

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Mark has been growing his mentorship program to help goaltenders navigate the daily, weekly, and monthly challenges they may face. Mark started his mentorship program because he wanted to offer mentorship that he didn’t have during his trek to the NHL. He doesn’t believe that anyone should go it alone while trying to figure things out on the fly.

Instead, Mark wants to teach from his experience whether it be being the underdog, dealing with injuries, or any other adversity thrown towards goaltenders. Mark’s motivation is to help as many goalies abroad to become the success stories they want to be all while having someone who’s been there guiding them along the way.

All sessions take place virtually on  Zoom.

Mark has learned from and worked with:

  • Ben Vanderklok (Goaltending coach, Nashville Predators NHL)
  • Ron Tugnutt (former 16 year NHL Goaltender & Hockey Canada Goaltending Coach)
  • Jimmy Waite (Goaltending coach, Chicago Blackhawks - NHL)
  • Sean Burke (former 18 year NHL Goaltender, director of Goaltending -  Montreal Canadiens - NHL)

Below is a list of topics Mark specializes in:

  • Video coaching: Mark uses video clips of the closest NHL goaltender whose style best matches the client to offer a unique learning experience
  • Video analysis of the clients games and/or practices. Practice plans are put into place to ensure the client has 1-3 weekly focus points to gradually improve technical weaknesses
  • Analyzing weaknesses and creating a weekly plan to focus on 1-3 skills to improve upon in practice
  • Setting short, medium, and long term goals while putting a plan in place to achieve success
  • Discussing weekly performances to ensure a positive attitude is maintained throughout the season while preventing burnout
  • Strategy to ensure a proper mindset & approach to practice. Creating a strategy to maximize practice time in order to translate into in-game success
  • Helping athletes navigate injuries and tough times
  • Helping athletes find the right support tthey need when they’re struggling on or off the ice